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About Us

Welcome to Sinks and Vanities

Discover our selection of affordable sinks, vanities and faucets to make your house the home of your dreams.

About Sinks and Vanities

Sinks and Vanities has curated an ideal selection of the world’s finest sinks,  vanities and faucets to ensure our client’s kitchens and bathrooms look phenomenal. Whether you’re searching for contemporary sinks or country-chic bathroom vanities, we stock our store with the absolute best of the best sinks and faucets.

On a Constant Search for the Best

We are so passionate about sinks and vanities we made it the name of our company. Our hand-selected inventory contains quality and sinks, vanities and faucets that meet the strictest of industry standards. We understand that homeowners like you not only want products that reflect their standards but also their style. That’s why we offer a near-endless selection that appeals to a variety of interior design preferences.

Our Inventory

We believe in the power of homeowners. And we believe in offering products that make your home feel like the place you want to be. Our inventory speaks to this truth by offering both variety and style. We price our products affordably and ensure that your desire for quality, selection, and design is always met. Helping you create a home that is safe, secure, and stylish is our ultimate focus.

Our Mission

Our mission at Sinks and Vanities is to make it easy for you to find beautiful and quality products for your kitchen and bathroom at the best prices. We know our stuff and put together a product line that meets your needs. Creating endless options to choose from along with a hassle-free way to shop, ensures that our customers keep coming back to see us. Developing an enjoyable shopping experience thru and thru is our ultimate mission.

Values That Guide Us

Creating a seamless customer experience is what we strive for. Our values help us get there.


To us, reliability is non-negotiable. It requires a consistent, honest, and uncompromising way to do business. Regardless of the number of sinks or vanities you need, each experience should always be the best.


Whether you’re buying a basic sink for your powder room or a modern kitchen sink with all of the features, we guarantee the quality of our products is phenomenal.

Customer Experience

Not only do our products need to be the best, but they also should come with a superior customer experience. We are dedicated to helping our customers shop with confidence, easily and conveniently online from their own homes. Shop the way you want, where you want, for your kitchen and bathroom sinks with our store.

What We Promise You

When you choose us for your sinks and vanities, we promise to deliver fast and free shipping right to your doorstep. Providing exceptional customer service every step of the way is our primary goal.

Ready to Start Shopping?

If you’re ready to start shopping for premium quality bathroom sinks and vanities or to add a brand-new kitchen sink to your kitchen, let us help you get what you want at the price you like. 

Got questions?

Please reach out to our customer support team to receive fast and friendly answers to your burning questions.