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Things To Ask Your Contractor Before You Hire

When deciding to remodel your bathroom, the best decision might be to hire a contractor to help make sure everything is done properly. There is a lot of plumbing that might need to be moved around or replaced, not to mention any electrical work should be done by a professional.

When looking for a general contractor to hire for your bathroom remodel job, there are a few things you should know and ask before you hire.


Perhaps the most important thing you need to know about your general contractor is whether or not they are licensed in your state. Licensing helps to assure clients that the contractor knows their business and a licensed contractor will have insurance in the event of an accident.


Your contractor should have a list of referrals ready for your request so you can call previous clients and talk to them. The best way to find a reputable contractor is through word of mouth, but if you are new to the area or your friends are not familiar with anyone in your area, you can check sites like Angie's List () for client reviews.


It is important that you don't just choose the cheapest contractor available. Allow a few reputable contractors in your area bid for the project and then choose. Before the work has begun, you should have an estimate in writing as part of your contract with the contractor.

Time Frame

When you are discussing your project with your contractor, get a time frame mapped out from the beginning. Of course, unforeseen events may occur that delay the project, but having a general idea of how long the project will take is necessary. If your contractor has staff or people to help, they might be able to give you a smaller time frame than someone who works alone, and that may affect your pricing as well.

Get Everything In Writing

Everything that you and your contractor discuss prior to the project and during the project needs to be put in writing and signed by both of you. Your contract should outline the project perimeters, the expected time frame, and the price estimate. If any changes are discussed during the project, those should also be put into writing.

Ask About Expertise

When completing a bathroom remodel, there are a lot of factors involved. Make sure your prospective contractor can do all of the design, carpentry, plumbing, and electrical work involved and if he or she doesn't, make sure they have a plan to get the job done properly. They might have recommendations for someone to use for the parts they cannot complete, and that might also affect what you pay out for the project.

When it comes to hiring a general contractor for your bathroom remodeling project, you want to make sure you are hiring the right person for the job. Make sure to go over your expectations in detail, get all pertinent information up front, and always get everything in writing.